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Jai-Alai Magazine #7 is here

Added on by Scott Cunningham.

The fourth iteration of Miami's only literary journal inspired by the Basque sport of kings, Jai-Alai Magazine #7 has arrived from the printers and will be available shortly at the following locations: Books & Books Coral Gables, Sweat Records, Lester's Miami, and Panther Coffee


This issue is the first edited by José Villar-Portela and features work by Daniel Borzutzky, Humberto José Castello, Natalie Catasús, Eduardo Chirinos, Virgilio Colón, Yosie Crespo, Arlo Haskell, Jesús Alberto Díaz Heranández, Jen Hofer, Donald Justice, Kirenia Legón Lopez, Virginia Lucas, Randy Lee Maitland, Jr., Benjamín Eliézer Morales Moreno, Myriam Moscona, G.J. Racz, Chloe Garcia Roberts, Li Shangyin, Rowan Sharp, David Shook, Alexander Sorondo, Phillip Thompson, Yolyanko William Argüelles Trujillo, Connie Mae Oliver, and Stacey Waite.