Dirty Limericks Closing Party @ Gramps

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It was an evening of dirty prose,

Verse coming pithy and gross.

A fitting homage

To April’s barrage

Of poems from O, Miami & Co.

Gramps bar (all photos courtesy of Gesi Schilling)

Gramps bar (all photos courtesy of Gesi Schilling)

Some of the eager scribes present at Gramps this Wednesday admitted they’d been penning limericks for weeks in preparation for the first-ever O, Miami Dirty Limerick Competition. 

Scribblin' limericks 

Scribblin' limericks 

Contenders sat hunched over the bar, brows furrowed and pens poised. As the evening progressed, the beer flowed, and the limericks got raunchier. One performance culminated with the revelation, from beneath a lifted mini-skirt, of a pale and bouncing strap-on. 

O, Miami founder, P. Scott Cunningham, and fiancée Christina Frigo, revealed a penchant for naughty prose…  

…while Bookleggers’ Natahaniel Sandler stalked back to his corner of the bar in a mock-fury, spurning the book offered as a prize for one of his limericks

…and Judge Michael Martin rewarded the evening's many winners with a slew of unusual, but highly cherished prizes.

There once was a guy dubbed P,

And a gal named Melody:

May means ‘bye, not adieu—

They’ve got more plans for you,

Those people of O, Miami.