WATERPROOF: An Anthology of Elegies to Miami 


Ok, fine. Miami is going to be underwater.

Let’s get to the good part: the nostalgia.

Waterproof is a book-length elegy to Miami, written by YOU, the people who lived here, and edited by Mario Alejandro Ariza.

We’re not asking for your hopes and dreams. We're just going to go ahead and assume that it will all be lost, so you tell us: what should we remember about Miami?

We’re asking for micro-elegies100 - 500 word tributes to specific Miami places, moments, phenomena, and people. 

We want your odes to La Vaquita, your essays about the 836, your memories of Club Space circa 1995, your torch song to Gloria Estefan, and that toast to Mac’s Club Deuce you’ve always been mulling over. We want to help you smuggle your memories of Miami into the sodden, uncertain future. 

When people in your new city ask, “What was Miami like?,” this is the book you’ll show them.

Submit between now and October 15, 2019.