Poetry Projects - 2017 O, Miami Poetry Festival

The following are the poetry-in-public-places projects taking place during O, Miami Poetry Festival 2017. Projects are listed in alphabetical order.

2 Poetry 2 Furious
Created by Dave Landsberger

Sponsored by Lou La Vie

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) is one of the 21st Century's most iconic race movies set in Miami, and, unlike other Miami-based films, the race scenes (for the most part) follow a logical path through the city. On April 7, 2017, poet Dave Landsberger, using a Ferrari 428 Spider generously made available by Lou La Vie, will film a remake of the movie in one day. The shoot culminates in a public reading and party at Primary Projects in Miami's Design District. Guests at the reading will be able to purchase a limited edition zine of Fast & Furious-inspired poems written by Landsberger, with design by Noah Levy.

Afrobeta: The Magic Poetry Bus
Created by Afrobeta
Bus by DJ Peoples

Afrobeta presents a psychedelic poetry festival on wheels. Cuci Amador will pop up at several locations throughout Miami-Dade in a vintage Bluebird school bus redesigned and refurbished by Miami's own, DJ Peoples. Step into the bus for mini poetry workshops, pop-up concerts and hands-on poetry activities. Locations to include: April 1st 6PM-10PM (Bandshell), April 8th 1PM-4PM (Pamm Family Day), April 21st 8PM-12PM (Counter Corner), and April 29th 8AM-1PM (Leisure City).

Apt Pupil
Created by Tom Virgin

Apt Pupils/ Short Forms will bring poets, students, and teachers to MDCPS Miami Beach Senior High School on March 16, 2017 to teach a short writing form workshop. Students and their teachers from four different schools will participate in the workshop in order to create 11 in x 15 in text-based broadsheets. Extra Virgin Press will create a blank form/structure for the workshop with a fixed amount of spaces to accommodate a poem or prose that contains three lines of approximately twenty characters (including punctuation). Five broadsheets will be printed in an edition of twelve for O, Miami 2017 for public display, readings, students, and their schools.

Created by Sinking City and Mario Ariza

Let’s make this brief. Sinking City is the University of Miami’s Graduate Literary Magazine. We want your poems or microfictions for Cafecito, a week long text-message based event that will deliver literature to O Miami festival goers every day during the last week of April, 2017, at 3:05 PM. SUBMIT your poems or micro-fiction piece. 1600 character limit.  Please email submissions to sinkingcity@miami.edu by friday, April 21.

Checkout Poems
Created by Alana Burman & Students at Poinciana Park Elementary and Orchard Villa Elementary

Using a unique form of advertising space, Checkout Poems brings short poems to supermarket checkout lanes. During April, checkout lanes at select Sabor Tropical locations will carry food poems written by students from O, Miami's Sunroom program in three languages: Spanish, Creole, and English. Translations by Oscar Rieveling and M.J. Fievre. This project is generously supported by The Children's Trust.

Easy Tickets
Created by Joe Eisenberg, O, Miami, & Miami-Dade Transit

O, Miami and Miami-Dade Transit present poetry on the easy tickets used for the Metro Rail and Bus rides. An original Poem by Sarah Trudgeon is featured on each single rider ticket purchased in April, alongside translations by Quinn Smith (Spanish) and Fabienne Sylvia Josephat (Creole), with design by Topos Graphics. Tickets will be available while supplies last.

O, Miami supports public transit! Download the Miami-Dade Transit Tracker app to plan your trip and track your ride in real-time. The new EASY Pay Miami app, also from Miami-Dade Transit, allows riders to purchase their fare from the palm of their hands. Buy your one-day pass ($5.65) with EASY Pay and head to where you need to go seamlessly. EASY Cards are still accepted at the Metrorail fare gates and on Metrobus for your convenience.

Edible Odes
Created by WLRN and O, Miami

WLRN and O, Miami invite you to write "Edible Odes," poems of 40 words or fewer that memorialize South Florida foods. Food and place are inextricably linked. What are the foods that make you feel at home? Serve us, in a short, edible ode, what makes eating Floridian for you. Submit here (Call opens March 20, 2017 and closes April 18, 2017.) Forty winners will be invited to read at Vizcaya Village on April 26th.

End of the Road: Lies Boys 2 Men Told Me
Created by Melissa Gomez

"End of The Road" is a poetry/essay submission project about our misconception of love and desire told by R&B artists Boys 2 Men. The submission process will take place over the course of the first two weeks in April and the winning writers (10-15) will have the chance to live read at a local party called, "Humping Around."

Fix Your Poem
Created by Segovia & Company

[SPANISH-LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING] Just as we take our car to a mechanic because it is not running smoothly, bring your Spanish-language poem this April to Segovia and Co., the Mechanic Poetry Workshop. The Venezuelan poet Cesar Segovia will “fix” your poem: enhancing the sound and the flow, changing adjectives to make it more beautiful, or finding the right image. Participants are welcome to come with a poem, part of a poem, or just the idea for a poem. Cesar will work with each participant to fix their poems and prepare them for either being published or for the participant to continue working.

Float On
Created by Arts 4 Learning

“Float On”, Arts for Learning’s Lewis Arts Studio alumni will create a 30-60 second video work inspired by poems of their choice that contain the word “float.” Working with teaching artist and new media specialist Aldo Luna, this talented group of high school students will animate, design, and edit visual interpretations containing the text of their chosen poem. These short videos will be presented in April before O Cinema's movie trailers as well as pop up unexpectedly at O, Miami events in the Poetry Bus.

HaikU Road Sign
Created by EXILE Books

In celebration of O, Miami, EXILE Books brings you the HaikU Road Sign project, a generative workshop and public arts activation that lets us share who we are via an ephemeral commuter encounter. A selection of participants' haikus will be projected on electronic construction signs scattered throughout UM’s campus during the weekend of the Miami Zine Fair, April 21-23, 2017. Featuring a unique seventeen syllable proclamation of self, HaikU Road Signs will display alternating identity-themed poems over the course of three days, showcasing as many unique poems written by community members as possible and lighting up the South Miami campus with words of our identity.

Created by Christopher Barker

Homegoing is a conceptual photo series commissioned by O, Miami from the Atlanta-based artist Christopher Barker. The series features excerpts from the works of pioneering black queer poets paired with contemporary photographic images that reference and celebrate black queer culture, past and present. Homegoing: A Conceptual Photo Series' intentions is to introduce new audiences to the radical and lasting words of black queer poets and artists while showcasing the profound resilience and beauty of this community. To the see work, join us on April 5th at The Betsy-South Beach for the Cave Canem Chapbook Release Party.

Created by Rebecca Shumway

#miamilivepoems is an activation featuring on-the-spot, user-generated poetry, live-streamed on Facebook. During the month of April, O, Miami Poetry Festival participants will engage in an ongoing dialogue with a language of common icons while writing Miami-themed odes. Prompts are changed out during various festival events. The hashtag, #miamilivepoems, aggregates user photos of the activation. Users are encouraged to contribute poetry through the Facebook live feed comments section. The installation was designed and created by Rebecca Shumway at Moonlighter Makerspace in Wynwood, FL. Check out the project website for more.

O, Snap!
Created by Jaclyn Gion

O, Snap is a live, crowd-sourced poem generated on Snapchat. (Follow O, Miami on Snapchat: @omiamifestival to participate.) O, Snap relies upon the submissions of the public's own mini-poems in order to generate one large, constantly-shifting art work. Each "snap-poem" uses picture, word, and video (no audio )and lasts no longer than 30 seconds. In contrast to Snapchat's infamous ephemerality, each snap-poem is inspired by the theme of nostalgia. While each individual poem exists on the poet's own private Snapchat story, we ask that the artist also save their story and email it to O, Miami. From here, the poem will be updated to O, Miami's story, where it can only exist for 24 hours, constructing one stanza within the month-long poem. After April, the poem will be re-created in a more permanent form and re-shared.

How to participate in O, Snap!

1. Using Snapchat, create a "snap-poem" inspired by nostalgia (no audio / 30 sec. max).
2. "Story" and save your poem.
3. Email the video to osnap@omiami.org
4. Look for your video on our story @omiamifestival

Offerings III
Created by The OMM Sistas & Bas Fisher Invitational

The OMM Sistas, Hattie Mae Williams and Loni Johnson, present Offerings III, an installation performance piece that looks at the harsh intersections of violence towards people of color and women in particular and uses community and rituals as a means to heal, save, and protect the mind, body and spirit through movement, art and poetry, with the goal of organizing change towards a livable future. Performed outside of the traditional institutional settings of a theater, this piece takes place with the audience simultaneously interactive and acting as a landscape. The audio of June Jordan's "Poem About My Rights" plays as seven performers interact with installations created by visual artist Loni Johnson. These pieces shape the area as a circle, using material from various religious practices. Choreographer/dancer Hattie Mae Williams creates a task-oriented movement phrase that incorporates the her own movement sensibilities to the overall experience. The collabroative performance also includes poetry by spoken word poet, Denice Frohman.

Poems by the Gallon
Created by Sandra March
Sponsored by Tom Thumb

Poems by the Gallon puts original Miami poems onto the nozzles of gas pumps at 13 Tom Thumb stations across South Florida. Using specially-designed attachments that are designed for boutique advertising, Poems by the Gallons sneaks a quick verse into your April fill-up experience. 

Poetry, Please
Created by Joachim Perez

"Poetry, Please" reinvents the traditional "Do Not Disturb" or "Privacy, Please" signs as vehicles for Miami poetry. Original hotel door hangers, designed by Joachim Perez, are hung on the doors of as many hotel rooms as possible. Each sign contains a short poem by either Denise Duhamel, Campbell McGrath, or Maureen Seaton that lyracizes the phrase "Do Not Distrub" on one side and "Privacy Please" on the other. Guests are free to take the hangers back home with them, or leave them for the next guest.

Created by Mario Cruz

Poem-o-matic is a friendly "bot-in-a-box" that prints out a keepsake poem just for you when you press its button. We hope you'll snap an insta of your poem and share it with your social network to spread @omiamifestival around the world. Poem-o-matic is a project by Mario Cruz, with negligible spiritual support from Cristina Solana and Rebekah Monson, and was built on a RaspberryPi computer and made at Moonlighter Makerspace, where fine Miami nerds come together to make cool things.

Created by Stephanie Cornejo & Miami-Dade Parks

Dog owners may discover a poem when they grab a dog poop bag in the complimentary Pet Waste Stations found in dog-friendly parks across Miami-Dade County and in many streets in the downtown Miami area. The poem, an excerpt by Pablo Neruda, comes on a standard pet waste bag re-imagined by designer Noah Levy. Parks where POO-etry bags will be available are: (1) Amelia Earhart, (2) Haulover, (3) Tropical Park, (4) West Kendall, (5) Perrine Wayside Park, and (6) Miami Dade Animal Services MDAS, Doral. 

Poetry Stakes
Created by MAST Academy @ Homestead

Poems written by Medical and Science Technology Academy high school students are laser-etched onto plastic garden markers and then distributed around Miami to farmer's markets. The plant markers will be featured throughout April the gardens at Vizcaya Village.

‘Things that come in eights                                                                                                                                                                          Created by Aesop

To mark O, Miami Poetry Festival, Aesop is pleased to host ‘Things that come in eights – a temporary book store in our Wynwood signature space. Shelves will be laden with an anthology of poetry from local publisher, Jai-Alai Books. Titled Eight Miami Poets, the volume celebrates emerging Miami-based writers, highlighting the diversity of self in the city, as it meshes with the written word. Join us in support of young local poets. On view through April 30th.

Where: Aesop Wynwood                                                                                                                                                                      
2609 NW 2 Avenue
Miami, FL 33127                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

To Miami With Love
Created by
Zachary Z. Handler, Nick Horan, Andrew Sargus Klein, and Lynne Price

“To Miami, With Love” is a poetry pen-pal project between four queer Baltimore artists and GLBT senior citizens with assistance from Miami SAGE. We will connect with pioneers of the American Gay Rights Movement—a community that has experienced discrimination and may feel isolated by the modern LGBTQIA+ community. The three-month endeavor will go beyond a single poetry encounter by celebrating struggles and triumphs and providing an opportunity for expression through art. Using personalized letters and LGBTQIA+ poetry and prose, space will be created for a dialogue involving identity, gender politics, and stories. Correspondences will be incorporated into a public art exhibition and performance series entitled “Miami is Nice”—inspired by 1980s Miami and the irreverence of The Golden Girls—which will culminate in a gay wedding celebration for two of the contributing Baltimore artists. With this project we are celebrating a world in which love wins. Interested in participating? Click HERE and they'll write you a letter!

Created by Julia Weist, the poetry students at Dade Correctional Institution, and Exchange for Change

Using synchronized, strategic, high-volume internet searching, artist Julia Weist and thousands of volunteers in South Florida manipulate the Google search trend algorithm so that it prominently features poetry written by students in Miami's detention facilities. For more about the project, visit View-Through's website. Want to help get the poetry featured? Type the following terms into Google right now:

Miami inmates are sunbathing underwater
Miami inmates are what becomes of the chicken before I fry it up
Miami inmates are a device used to tell time
Miami inmates are light of the world, bone of men
Miami inmates are items of furniture for frightened people to lie down and rest upon
Miami inmates are believing in the unseen