O, Miami brings visiting poets and artists to Miami for performances, projects, workshops, and outreaches. In 2009, O, Miami (then "University of Wynwood") created the Visiting Poet Series with a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The goal was to brings 3-5 poets to Miami per year. Since then, the series has operated continuously and is now presented in partnership with The Writer's Room at The Betsy-South Beach. All photos below were taken at O, Miami events. For a full list of the writers & artists we've hosted, scroll down past the photo album.

Melanie Almeder
Megan Amram
Jimmy Santiago Baca
Frank Báez
Erin Belieu
Reginald Dwayne Betts
Mark Bibbins
Malachi Black
Richard Blanco
Jonah Bokaer
Adam Bradley
Traci Brimhall
Melissa Broder
Stacey Lynn Brown
Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Caroline Cabrera
Anne Carson
Adrian Castro
Billy Collins
Eduardo C. Corral
Andrea Cote
Angel Cuadra
Robert Currie
John D'Agata
DéLana R.A. Dameron
Kool Moe Dee
Denise Duhamel
Craig Dworkin
Carla Faesler
Nikky Finney
Neil de la Flor
James Franco
Billy Friebele
Forrest Gander

Chloe Garcia Roberts
Ross Gay
David Gewanter
Frank Giampietro
Ben Greenman
Robert Hass
Maggie Hasspacher
Katherine Hedeen
Tom Healy
Michael Hettich
Dennis Hinrichsen
Tony Hoagland
Legna Rodríguez Iglesias
Joanna Klink
Stuart Krimko
José Kozer
Claudia La Rocco
Dave Landsberger
Mia Leonin
José Ángel Leyva
Patricia Lockwood
Money Love
Dan Magers
Adrian Matejka
Jill McDonough
Campbell McGrath
Elena Medel
Joshua Mehigan
W.S. Merwin
Rashaun Mitchell
Honor Moore
Thurston Moore
Alexis Orgera
Achy Obejas

Gregory Pardlo
Cecilia Pavón
Justin Petropoulos
Jean Portante
Roger Reeves
Silas Reiner
Ariana Reines
Reina María Rodriguez
Victor Rodríguez Núñez
F. Daniel Rzicznek
Craig Saper
Zachary Schomburg
Maureen Seaton
Nicole Sealey
Don Share
Ed Skoog
Patti Smith
Tracy K. Smith
Tim Stanley
Leigh Stein
Stephanie Strickland
Nick Sturm
Emma Trelles
Brian Turner
Chase Twichell
Julie Marie Wade
Stacey Waite
Terri Witek
Andrew Whiteman
Sam Winston
Kevin Young
Steven Zultanski
Raúl Zurita