Poetry Pops

Created by O, Miami and Randy Burman
Photography by Gesi Schilling

"Poetry Pops" combines the best two things in the world: poetry and ice cream. Throughout April, look for Shel Shiverstein (played by Randy Garcia) at your favorite Miami events and locations. The "Poetry Pop" salesman will be giving away strawberry and mango flavored popsicles. Each wrapper has two original poems locally-sourced from over forty poets. Collect them all!

Poems on Pops

M’pap pèdi espoua pou Kiskeya
Kè’m se yon kantè nan wout syèl la
 – Berwick “Underscore” Augustin

 I won't lose hope for Kiskeya (synonym for Haiti)
My heart is a jitney on the road to heaven  
– Berwick “Underscore” Augustin

 It’s my treat.  
– Alana Eve Burman

 April’s bright sun tastes of poems blue skies
not frozen today’s delight Yum O, Miami

– Susan R. Williamson

 Your eyes can get blurry, but you can still see the moon.
– Ismael Santos

You may not know it, but I’m inside this thing
– Joseph Cardarelli

Comfort Me Please I Am Scared Stiff
– Annette Wells

 Global Warming Flavored
– Alejandro Bellizzi

I Melt Under Your Gaze
Desire Consumes Me
– Annette Wells

Flooded streets, concrete walls, Metrorail lines: it is this.
– Ismael Santos

Este lado de la luna y los borrachos
conocemos el secreto de Miami

– Giorgina Almagia

Kiss me with your lips. I'll send you through a cold bliss.
– Carla Triviño

The Aliens froze themselves in pods of nourishing fructose,
hoping to wake in a future where their kind were not treated
like popsicle sticks

– Alejandro Bellizzi

Spoke our sleep grease our muck love our city’s undervoice
– Natalie Catasús

Now is the time for a hasty Decision
– Ron Burns

The body accustomed to complete saturation
cuts gulls from the abalone sky

–  Natalie Catasús

The Milky Way is your lips on my shoulder
As I sleep Very far from here
– Jeffrey Knapp

Flamingos flock to race tracks; we lay teddy bear epitaphs
– iamkortney

The delight of this taste linger like love frozen in time.
– R. Craig Sautter

You are the name of every palm tree. Tell me again.
– Sarah Trudgeon

The sun makes me cry, won’t you lick my tears dry?
– Carla Triviño

Haiti was born in Me, L’Union Fait La Force pou Ayiti
– Mecca Marcelin

Lay in the grass; wonder how we look from afar
– Zain Naqvi

This frozen treat is hardy, certainly more than the Donner party!
– Jeremy Chestler

Sky touched she walked past crabs, tortoises,
then horses strewn on the blank shore.

– Yaddyra Peralta

Frost bite me, baby!
– Victoria Funes

She was wearing vodka spiked with six inch heels
– Alexis Alvey

– Annette Wells

Vivimos un misterio en el año más de mil
– Giorgina Almagia

Instagram this & think of the tons of photons taking non-stop photos
– Brandon Mubarak

I’m so happy, I feel like a blizzard left alone in your blood stream
each snowflake a corpuscle each cell a lover

– Jeffrey Knapp

He holds his open palms out way before her tears have fallen.
– Cleopatra & Sigmundo

He will melt At the sight of you
– Sasha Bazan

Love happened here.
– Emonde M. Prosper

I do not trust your hungry eyes.
– Sophia Jurgens

Los dedos en el hielo para perder el tacto de los días.
– Ana C. Blum

If I had thumbs, I would have ruled the world.
– Sophia Jurgens

My brain knows what this means, but it won't tell me
– Hiram Aparicio

It’s better to live life unwrapped
– Marie Whitman

Taste more of me if you want to.
– Michele Hall

I melt You melt We all melt in Miami
– Jenna Stolfi

what we remember
what we want
– Terri Witek

It was through love que aprendí a amar
– Christopher Rodriguez Barake

Everyday I have I lay down surrender takes so much practice
– Marie Whitman

We all want a penthouse or a house pet or
an arrow through the heart – a be mine velociraptor

– Jenna Stolfi

#drowning underwater mortgages and streets #miami
– Barron Sherer

Mi otra vida super-puesta en el tiempo
– Hannah Badwan

perfectly horizontal
stretching towards
the infinite
perfectly parallel
how delightful
– Hiram Aparicio

why do I offer myself to those who seek to destroy me?
– Erika A. Grohosk

it seems every cell was fated to deliver Ophelia
down the river all blue, in her white night gown

– Scarlett Diaz

Not so Fast My Friend…Don’t let Me go to Your Head
– Ron Burns

People are like Frozen pops. Cold Stiff, colorful, and need to be held.
– Dr. Sam Lopez De Victoria

Polar Vortex Meet Molar Vortex
– Ron Burns

The ocean, this sun
The gift of the anonymous Painter
Nothing on this Earth has ever been colored better
– Emonde M. Prosper

 Estelado de la luna y los borrachos conocemos el secreto de Miami
– Giorgina Almagia

White knuckling the steering wheel, fit of road rage...get home,
grab yoga mat...Auuuuummmmmm

– Josie Gulliksen

in need of fire dress purchased from forever
she raised her glass I imagine to eternity
– Hiram Aparicio

war and peace
joy and sadness
red or blue
I love you
– Nick Gilmore

Lago congelado que llora abrazado de la luna.
– Ana C. Blum

White as lightning and Just as flashy;
still, your teeth do not impress me.
– Jen Karetnick

Another delicious moment melts in the sun.
– Michele Hall

Many make this selection adolescently Then enjoy this confection quiescently
– Gretchen Schmidt

Miami casts off and dresses in seasons with anticipation.
– Marina Ellis

The joy of small pleasures is infinite.
– Kathryn Roscoe

Participants in a world of charged particles & changing participles
– Brandon Mubarak

You make my tongue yellow, And my disposition mellow.
– Gary Opper

I was once part of a star too. How did we get so cold?
– Lucas Leyva

The molars make impact, releasing wisdom onto a paralyzed tongue.
This is how language becomes lost.
– Jen Karetnick

– Gary Opper

You may been the ball but I’m on the stick.
– Jen Karetnick

Unwrap me slowly
– Genevieve Pereyra

A changing wind messy hair, blowing In the wrong direction as if that matters.
– Kelly Nicole Long

Freezer gods sent me to make you happy as can be.
– Carla Triviño

Opened and
I implore you:
– Kathryn Roscoe

The lone woman consults her phone. "Niente," says her face.
– Jessie Vail Aufiery

I’m really wrapped up in things right now.
– Genevieve Pereyra

Water molecules feel pain too (the melting is better than the freezing)
– Lucas Leyva

If only I had two gumballs I could stare back at you
– Lucas Leyva

Buy two, I get lonely.
– Genevieve Pereyra

Better to drown in sugar than fall out of love with memory of things
– Mike Stutzman

Save the drama till the ice melts. And I am far from here.
– Stuart Sheldon

In ice cream we trust
– Laz Lmnoq

Her gaze held me frozen in time and warmed my cheeks like sunrays.
– Neely Woodroffe

Considering this poet’s age This is a wise old Grand Pop
– Larry Litt

pausing, pondering poetry on popsicles, realizing reflections
lead to melted moments. don't be too late.
– PE

De las olas en las nalgas sal en el vapor del agua
– Giorgina Almagia

Love happened here
– Emonde M. Prosper

There is something sweet and succinct, summer tasted, fleeting it is gone.
– Kelly Nicole Long

To what tongue am I to bring such an icy glee?
– Santino Sini

A truly tropical soul cares not for frigid conditioning of air or ought.
– Sarah Schuibbeo

Soy lo aprendido no invento nada.
– Sandra March

The seaglass that follows the drunken tide
that follows the christened ship.
– Mike Stutzman

A moment frozen in Time
– Clara Varas

You miss me when I’m gone.
– Clara Varas

Some say My-A-Muh. Me myself I say My-AM-me.
– Jessie Vail Aufiery

On a common day confident birds sing loudly in this heavy air.
– Yaddyra Peralta

A crystal soldier knows dying is living matter;
there is time to shine and time to shatter.

– Alfonso Santillana

You melt me like icon a scorching summer evening.
– Neely Woodroffe

Devour me for I have no tomorrows.
– Laz Lmnoq

Mean people get no treats.
– Stuart Sheldon

The tongue shivers what the brain anticipates
– Laz Lmnoq

En las formas de lo ajeno, en mi cuerpo; no me encuentro.
– Sandra March

I am a vessel of virtuous, frozen graces
– Santino Sini