Participate in O, Miami Poetry Festival 2018

Would you like to get involved this April? Here's how.


We always need help! Email us through the contact page.

Go To An Event

The O, Miami schedule is full of participatory gatherings, including workshops, dinners, micro-residencies, and games. Come out and have fun with us.

Become a "Poet in Decadence"

O, Miami partners again with Gramps Bar in Wynwood to create the world's greatest writing residency. Guest poets occupy a one-night residency from 6 p.m. to midnight. Each “Poet-in-Decadence” will be be granted the last stool at the end of Gramps Bar. For each poem written on a cocktail napkin and handed to a bartender, the poet will receive one beer. Maximum: three beers. Must be 21+ over to participate and show legal I.D. upon arrival. All decadent poets assume full liability and participate at their own risk. By signing up you agree to arrive by public transportation, designated driver, or use a ride sharing service. Drink and rhyme, don't drink and drive.


Join the LOST POEM Street Team 

Help us put up flyers for LOST POEM, a project by Saint Flashlight. Each flyer advertises a different "lost poem" and invites the public to call a number and "find" the poem. (Kind of like "Dial-A-Poem" for the digital generation.) Download and print/cut your own here.

Exchange Your Dollars for Poetry Dollars

Exchange your normal, boring dollars for POETRY DOLLARS at select O, Miami events. #CashFlowMiami capitalizes on the natural flow of currency to surprise Miami residents and tourists with poetry. Twelve different short poems are stamped onto dollar bills and then circulated in corresponding neighborhoods. We invite you, when finding one of the bills, to post it on social media with the hashtag #CashFlowMiami so we can track how far and how fast the bills travel. To exchange your bills, come to Miami Zine Fair, 

Record Yourself Reading an Anne Sexton Poem

Last year, Miami resident Evan Marcus discovered the poetry of Anne Sexton and became obsessed with the idea that the world would be a better place if everyone read her poems, too. Now, he’s asking YOU to record yourself reading a Sexton poem and upload the video to Instagram with the hashtag #ANNEinApril. The catch is that, to do so, you also have to donate $5 to Lotus House Women’s Shelter in Miami. Here’s the link to donate. Tag @omiamifestival too while you’re at it.