A BreakBeat Future

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At the Old RC Cola Bottling Plant in Wynwood (a condemned-looking space doubling as an open air graffiti museum) the world of poetry got a lot richer thanks to Kevin Coval, co-editor of The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop (Haymarket 2015), and the young talent mentored by  Darius Daughtry from The Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Network, and Brimstone from PATH to Hip-Hop.

All photos by Gesi Shilling. 

All photos by Gesi Shilling. 

A few verses:

Southeast corner, first base, a police camera sits like an announcer’s box…flashing blue, overseeing everything here as if it is foul play...Southwest corner, second base. A boarded up building serving more coke to more patrons than a world series game...
-Malcolm London’s “Like a Baseball Diamond“

I want to be a portstar because I don't have daddy issues, I have magazine issues.
-Sam, PATH finalist “I Want to be a Pornstar”

No more beefin’, let's go vegan.
-Jabari Capers, Miami Lakes Education

Women taught to act like piñatas at birthday parties...split open, spilling everything.
-Maya, PATH finalist

I want to be this generation’s Maya Angelou.
-Dylan Somerville-Hall, Junior at Miami Beach High

Third baseman uniformed in hoodies, Pelli jackets and Tiberland boots, bats ready to strike out at any one who stares too long, walks too boldly, or throws the wrong curve of fingers.
-Malcolm London “Like a Baseball Diamond“

It's a different world, different day and age, different set of rules but game stays the same.
-Sekajipo for the People

Fast balls, black mothers...strung out on street corners, their own sons standing on the pitcher’s mound with no hope of being dug out.
-Malcolm London’s “Like a Baseball Diamond“

Stitches ain't perfect...praised to be built stronger, broken.
-Stitches, “Bonje”

Another poem about my skin?..Skin is timeless. Love is timeless, too.
-Marnino Toussaint, Miramar, FL

You don't need a religious book to find the right verse
-Dylan Somerville-Hall, Junior at Miami Beach Senior High

The takeaway? The future of poetry and the future hip-hop are one in the same. 

Farah Diba is a writer living in Miami, Fl. She will be contributing blog posts for O, Miami Poetry Festival 2016.