Dear Citizens of Miami-Dade,

Added on by Santino Sini.

We are the attorneys from William, Carlos & Williams.




On behalf of
O, Miami,
we ask you to
Cease and Exist

During the month of April, O, Miami partners with the prestigious Brickell-based law firm William, Carlos & Williams. The firm will be acting as a voice for all witnesses of metaphysical misdirection. Friends, family members, acquaintances (and perhaps enemies) who are squandering talents, energy and time, will be confronted and implored to Cease and Exist

After applicants fill out a formal claim against the accused party, our Firm’s scribe, Henry Affidavit Thoreau drafts the letter. With due formality and succinct prose, Mr. A. Thoreau requests the accused cease their dismal endeavors and carry on with a dose of much-needed mindfulness.

The opportunity is extended to all those who wish to satirize, criticize, or give heartfelt entreaty. The accused parties span from obtrusive radio hosts to heartbroken friends. “So while some letters can be funny or absurd,” states attorney and poet Quinn Smith, “others can be satirical or deeply personal.”

 Submissions end April 20th. Please apply here or on under the participate tab.




The letters will be sent throughout the month. A five-dollar fee for postage is required.

To all those represented by O, Miami and the law firm of William Carlos & Williams, we guarantee: you will soon have your due.

To all those accused, we say: expect a letter.

 And please, on behalf of O, Miami and all others concerned,

Govern yourself accordingly.